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Atlanta Acting

or how to get out of being a waitress

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This is a community for audition postings, tips on agents, headshots and everything else related to acting in the Atlanta area.
This group is moderated, the first time someone tries to submitt something for a kiddie porn not only will you be banned but I will personally hunt you down and maim you for the rest of your life. Feel free to post comments though.

So on a happier note. This is to help actors help other actors try to find that role that fits them perfectly.

The Rules

1. Play nice. We do drama for work and fun I don't need it in my mail box.

2. If it's of a more adult nature make a point to say that. (this includes nudity and if you know there's heavy language please say so, some people need to know that stuff)

3. If you're not sure ask!

4. If it's illegal don't post it here. (please see rant about kddie porn above)

5. Nothing really, it just looks better then just four. More rounded out and all.

Useful sites:
I don't vouch for any of these sites, some have been submitted to me. Please check them out before using them. Also if you have any suggestions please let me know.


ostrich.com: Fans - Sally Rand, Burlesque, Ostrich, Marabou ostrich.com: Boas & Fringe - ostrich, chandelle, marabou, turkey, coque
ostrich.com: Feathers - ostrich, peacock, pheasant, turkey ostrich.com: Dusters - Ostrich Feather Dusters
ostrich.com: Ostrich Feather Apparel, Capes, Shawls, Purses ostrich.com: Ostrich Wedding Accessories
ostrich.com: Masks - Fancy Feather Face Masks ostrich.com: Ostrich Feather Pens, Quill Pens, Stands