Miss Lashe (retrofatale) wrote in atlanta_acting,
Miss Lashe

Mechanical Masquerade: A Steampunk Ball

“Syrens of the South’s very first Mechanical Masquerade!”
Who: Syrens of the South Productions
What: The Mechanical Masquerade
When: January 16, 2010
Where: The Little Tree Studios
2842 Franklin Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002
*Tickets are $10*
Purchase tickets in our store at www.syrensofthesouth.com

Come one come all to the Syrens of the South’s Mechanical Masquerade of Marvels and Merriment! Here now marks the first in the series of semi-monthly events brought to you by the marvellous mistresses of petticoats, frills, and thrills – the Syrens of the South. Come enjoy this maiden voyage away from the standard burlesques and enter into a world of neo-Victorian anachronistic characters. An evening filled with brass, leather, steam and SCIENCE! Modelled after the fantastic sub-genre of fiction, fashion, and music often called Steampunk or Victoriana. This event series promises to highlight fine vendors, entertaining amusements, and music that would make Jules Verne proud.

With song selections playing through the night by the illustrious host of the evening, the notorious Doctor Q, the evening promises to cater to all types from any time period. For those with finer tastes, there will be performances sprinkled through the evening to delight and defy the sharpest of imagination. And the lords and ladies may even wish to peruse the displays by the artists, vendors, and sponsors such as Anachrocon, the Clockwork Cabaret, Extraordinary Contraptions, Gentlemen’s Emporium, Penny Dreadful Productions and more.

So hop upon your horseless carriage, time travelling machine, airship, or otherwise and be sure to attend the festivities to dance, shop, and enjoy the cavalcade of clockworks and carousing in your finest threads or scavenged and assembled attire. Your finest threads could win fabulous prizes in our costume contest with prizes donated by Abney Park, Cherie Priest, Nick Valentino and more!

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