Miss Lashe (retrofatale) wrote in atlanta_acting,
Miss Lashe

DragonCon & Upcoming Classes

We will be at DragonCon this weekend! Katherine Lashe and Renea'le Roux will be speaking at the Looks That Kill: Gothic Fashion Panel, Talloolah Love and Renea'le Roux will be performing as part of the House of Le Roux Fashion Show at the Time Traveller's Ball and Ursula Undress will be performing with the DragonCon Cabaret! Next week we start a new session of classes! Classes in the ABCs & 123s of Burlesque Class Series are $20 each or $60 for a four class pass, a savings of $20! The classes do have a minimum requirement, so please email syrensofthesouth@gmail.com by 5pm the Friday before the class if you have not already purchased the class or you are using a class pass. You can purchases classes and class passes at www.syrensofthesouth.com Sept 13 noon-2pm - “You've Got It! Now Flaunt It! With Rosie Palms” Being a goddess isn’t about the way you look, its something that comes from inside. Feeling sexy makes a woman sexy. It’s all in the attitude! Find out how to minimize body issues through the magic of costuming, while maximizing your most attractive features and flaunt them without fear for an audience of 1 or 100! Class requirements: dancing shoes, clean underwear and a naughty attitude. This class is intended for women only. Sept 20 noon-2pm “Beginning Burlesque Movement and History with Katherine Lashe” She will present information on the history of burlesque, followed by a how to on the basic moves and creative process that goes into making a burlesque persona. Students will hear anecdotes collected by Katherine Lashe from actual Burlesque American Icons such as Tura Santana, Satan’s Angel and more! They’ll also answer the age old questions of names, fringe, and pasties! Students will be encouraged to wear lose fitted clothing and comfortable shoes and be prepared to not only take notes, but also be ready to practice beginning burlesque movements and peels!!! Beginning Burlesque Books will be available for $5. 2pm-4pm "Burlesque costuming on a budget with Vagina Jenkins” Creative Loafing’s 2008 Best Burlesque performer will share her tried and true method of manoeuvring a tight budget with a broad imagination. You will get to bring your creation home with you to begin your process of building your very first burlesque costume! Class requirements: Bra or Panties to decorate, any trims beads or baubles you want to bring, there will be supplies provided for the class. Sept 27 noon-2pm “Pastie Making with Talloolah Love” Talloolah Love teaches the fine art of making your own pasties! She will teach the practicalities of making, wearing and performing with pasties! Many of the materials required will be provided with a $5 materials charge; however you are encouraged to bring needles, thread, and scissors. Each student will be going home with their very own pasties! 2-4pm “Hepcat’s Vaudeville: The Nickel Tour” with Hepcat Mike Take the scenic route through vaudeville as Hepcat Mike (the illegitimate lovechild of Henny Youngman and Phyllis Diller) begins with early 19th century variety shows and continues the tour through polite early vaudeville, down dangerous back alleys of Burlesque, into the cinema which was both classical Vaudeville’s savior and doom. But fear not, the current neo-burlesque and vaudeville revival proves that everything old is new again. Want more? Hepcat gives the shortcuts to building your vaudeville library, with suggestions on texts for further reading and info on where to find the most jam-packed video archives for this important, ever-growing art form. Don't forget about our upcoming shows and events! Check out www.syrensofthesouth.com for our full calendar!
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