Miss Lashe (retrofatale) wrote in atlanta_acting,
Miss Lashe

Actor's Express Show this Saturday!

Syrens of the South Productions, LLC
Location: Actor's Express
King Plow Art Center
887 W Marietta St NW # J107
Atlanta, GA
Saturday, May 30 Doors at 10:00pm Show @ 11:00 p.m.


The burlesque production company Syrens of the South is extremely excited to debut their late night show, full of punch, variety and a healthy helping of tease, which promises to be a frothy, fun and an eye opening experience! They will be debuting their debauchery and fun-filled frolics on the Actor’s Express Late Night Show on May 30, in a show described by Debbie Michaud of Creative Loafing as “the show (that) goes from boisterous to sultry to bawdy and does it all with a wink and a smile.”

Also touted as “Very well put together” by Sharon Osborn, this production is sure to titillate and fascinate even the most discerning Danny, because there’s a little bit of something for every palate.

The two creators of the whole kit-and-Kaboodle are Katherine Lashe and Talloolah Love. August marks the Devilish Duo’s two year anniversary, and each show since has been a raving success. Playing to sold out rooms all over the south east, New York, LA and Boston, just to name a few, the Syrens know how to put together an amazing lineup of the finest burlesque, vaudeville, song, dance, juggling, and sideshow acts anyone can ask for. So don’t miss out on the show that everyone is going to be talking about!
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